Instant wire transfers with SEPA and SWIFT

The easiest way to send and receive money internationally. Personal EU IBANs for quick, failproof and low-cost SEPA transfers. Real-time currency exchange at highly competitive rates. Secure SWIFT transfers as a handy solution for global money sending/accepting. Advanced KYC tracking/Financial monitoring strategy offering the best possible user experience.

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Elegro Wires Toolkit

Incoming Wires

Your money is in safe hands. Get inbound wires and save up to 5% of cost using our innovative fund transfer service.

Currency Exchange

Make international wire transfers in EUR, GBP or USD paying a minimum exchange fee without visiting third-party exchanges.

Digital Signatures

Use Elegro Wires to get paid instantly and avoid delays collecting your money. Use your chance to sign online through our service.

24/7 Support

Our highly-qualified Customer Support is available 24/7. Whatever the time zone, we are there to assist you in creating the best user experience.



What We Offer

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  • Virtual EU IBANs

    Virtual EU IBANs enable quick and secure wires with SEPA transfers. The solution allows you to send/receive funds directly to/from a bank account.

    • Aggregative account;
    • Smooth withdrawals in EUR;
    • B2B, C2B and B2C transfers;
    • Backoffice customization.
  • SWIFT Transfers

    SWIFT transfers allow you to send/accept quick and secure payments from around the world. Feel free to wire money safely in USD and EUR.

    • Aggregative account;
    • Global transfers with no limits;
    • Instant currency exchange;
    • Backoffice customization.
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Why Choose IBAN

Easy Setup Process

To get an IBAN and start accepting payments, you don’t even have to leave the office. All you need is to fill in our registration form with required business and personal data.

Timing Matters

Quick money transfers and easy onboarding process save your time and efforts. Receive and send payments from any device within 24 hours.

Payment Optimization

Cut the risks of chargebacks, refunds and delays. Reduce the number of failed payments. Enjoy safe money transfers at nominal fees.

Global Orientation

Expand your business globally by wiring money to/from more than 30 countries in major world currencies including EUR and USD.

Reliable and Secure

Worldwide recognised IBANs allow for secure, failproof, easy-to-manage and quick international payments with no processing delays.

24/7 Support

Always ready to help, our support team will respond to your needs whatever the time of day. Our dedicated specialists are there to provide you with the best support services!


We take customer service seriously to keep your business going


Advanced Financial
Management/KYC tracking

Monitor, organise and control your business funds in real-time. Manage customer identities quickly and accurately.



Reduce the risks, monitor transactions and wire safely with KYC policy that is Elegro's integral part.


Dedicated Customer

Contact us through live chat, contact form, email or phone and get professional assistance from Elegro.

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