A wallet empowering quick payments in Crypto

Elegro wallet allows to buy, store, exchange and withdraw crypto and fiat currencies safely and makes transactions instant inside Elegro ecosystem. Web and App versions provide easy and convenient usage of the wallet from a computer, mobile phone or any other device.

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Decentralized Storage

Elegro has integrated powerful decentralized storage resources so you can ensure your data is protected.


Branded Crypto Wallet

Branded to your business Elegro Wallet provides instant payments inside Elegro ecosystem and takes your business to the next level of development.


Money-Saving Solution

There are no fees for transaction made within Elegro system, and withdrawals are available at low commissions.

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Elegro Wallet Advantages

Your crypto life is organized with Elegro Wallet

Easy-to-use Elegro Wallet Interface

Elegro Wallet convenient and intuitive interface allows easy and quick sending and requesting coins, monitoring transactions and purchases made, customizing the settings.

Mobile Apps

Download Elegro Wallet App from PlayMarket or AppStore, and manage your funds wherever you are.



eEuros are fiat money you can exchange for cryptocurrencies or withdraw to a bank account.

Two-Factor Authentication

Elegro guarantees you the highest level of safety with Two-Factor Authentication.

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Elegro wallet App

Stay on Top of Your Wealth
Store, Manage & Exchange your regular and crypto assets in our all-in-one app.

BioSecure Payments

Advanced safety and further speedup in payments


Biometric face recognition

Elegro’s face recognition* feature enables biometric user identification for Elegro Wallet access or transaction verification. Specific algorithms based on a self-learning neural network assure great system reliability and performance with face position tolerance, facial attributes, life face detection and age estimation. Just look at your camera to seamlessly log into a wallet or verify a payment transaction.

*Your face image should take 90% of the ID screen space for successful recognition.


Fingerprint identification

Fingerprint scanner implemented into Elegro Wallet App authenticates the fingerprints of a user to grant/deny wallet access or verify a transaction. If there’s a positive match in the database of saved fingerprint scans, a user is allowed to enter the wallet or to successfully complete a payment transaction. In case a fingerprint scanner fails to work enter a pin code you created during fingerprint verification activation.


NFC contactless payments

Near Field Communication (NFC) technology as a part of Elegro Retail solution enables wireless secure payments. To make an automatic payment it is necessary to hold a smartphone at least 2 inches from the cashier’s gadget. The transaction processing takes only some seconds.


Why BioSecure Payments

Biometric face recognition and fingerprint identification solution in combination with NFC contactless payments are revolutionary tools making payments:

Super secure and private

Data encryption algorithms underlying NFC transactions make them extra safe. In its turn, using BioID technologies also increases the levels of safety as:

personThe service needs a real person to login or verify a transaction
passwordThere is no easy to crack password
biometricThere is no possibility to use someone’s else biometric data

After lightning-fast access to Elegro Wallet possible due to Elegro BioID solution, make NFC wireless payment taking only some seconds. Implemented into Elegro products innovative technologies perfectly fit "on-the-go" payers.


Safety & Security

Keep your data secure with Elegro

We are focused on making our system to be easy-to-use and clear enough for the end user. Delivering secure and user-friendly solutions meeting the latest OSSEC standards makes a part of Elegro’s policy.


Payment Processing

A toolkit to reach new users

Elegro welcomes you to a crypto-friendly Payment Processing Platform to start accepting instant crypto payments. Open more ways to gain revenue for your company.

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Extra Support & Safety

Elegro Services and Tools caring about your safety and convenience


In-house developed API

Through specially developed API Elegro can integrate into thousands of different services, our Payment Products can be as well integrated by users into their favorite platforms.


KYC procedures

We provide instant KYC Verification of customers and merchants.


24/7 support

In-house dedicated Support will help you to use our Services smoothly.

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