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Revolutionary Retail Solution

With Elegro Retail every mobile phone becomes a PoS (Point-of-Sale)

Revolutionary solution for accepting cryptocurrencies with mobile App linked with your merchant account. Multiple cashiers, easy-to-use application, understandable dashboard - everything for governing your retail business.


Elegro Retail

With Elegro Retail you will


Expand globally reaching new markets faster


Accept quick cryptocurrency payments


Sell faster with no fraud


Save money on paying processing fees


Smoothly withdraw money in local currencies to your bank account at low fees

Our specifically developed applications meet the demands of the most pretentious retail merchants/cashiers and buyers.

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Elegro Retail

A successful work of Elegro Retail is a combination of 3 interconnected products:

Elegro Wallet

Elegro Wallet is a crypto wallet developed and branded specially for your business. It allows instant payments for your customers;


Elegro Retail

Elegro Retail itself, an application for merchants/cashiers which transforms every mobile phone into a PoS (Point-of-Sale) and enables retail payments processing;

Elegro Gateway

Elegro Gateway, a solution which is necessary to be integrated with in order to get a merchant account. Via it, you can monitor your transactions and withdraw funds to a bank account in a local currency.

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how it works

Elegro Retail Solution

retail solution

01. Pay

Buyer Pays for retail purchases with a smartphone using


02. Accept

Cashier Accepts retail payments using


03. Withdraw

Merchant Monitors transactions and Withdraws funds to a bank account via a dashboard using


BioSecure Payments

Extra payment privacy and speed

Advanced BioID and NFC technologies implemented into Elegro ecosystem make payments extra fast cutting to minimum risks of payment fraud and identity theft. Take advantage of Elegro BioSecure payments to scale your business globally.


Biometric face recognition


Fingerprint identification


NFC contactless payments

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Merchant Perks

Elegro Retail App


Elegro Retail App if used in combination with Elegro Wallet makes payments receiving instant


Being branded and named after your business wallet serves as an additional advertisement for your company


Is free of charge with no additional costs


Enables acception of your funds everywhere and anytime using a smartphone


Has 0% processing fee for payments

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Customer Perks

Elegro Wallet App

Enables instant payments for retail goods or services as you don’t need to wait for blockchain confirmations

Has 0% transaction fees

Provides simple checkout

Accompanies buyers with understandable instructions and notifications to emails during each step of their payment

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