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Niko Technologies, a cryptocurrency acquiring company and a global blockchain provider, is happy to introduce a unique series of blockchain-based solutions and services. They are created to enable efficient collaboration with you while give boost to your business.

All White Label products are operated under our EU licenses.

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  • Exchanges

    • Blockchain-acquiring services;
    • Opportunity to your clients to deposit and withdraw fiat currencies (EUROs) at low fees;
    • Virtual and physical EU IBANs provided to your clients;
    • Branded Wallet with opportunity to buy, store, exchange and withdraw crypto/fiat currencies.
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  • Coins/Tokens

    • Increasing coins/tokens trade volume on blockchain from 10,000 to 1,000,000 equivalent in EUROs (real blockchain transactions);
    • A bank account and White Label Wallet for instant and smooth token/coin sales and exchanges;
    • Exchange Service to instantly buy fiat paying in crypto and vice versa;
    • Integration in Elegro ecosystem so people can purchase goods and services paying in your coin/token.
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  • Crypto Wallets

    • Fast and secure cryptocurrency exchange to fiat and back;
    • Opportunity to deposit and withdraw fiat currency;
    • EU IBANs for your clients for quick and safe funds transfers and exchange;
    • App version of your Branded Crypto Wallet will be available on PlayMarket and AppStore.
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  • E-Wallets

    • Cryptocurrencies in your E-Wallet with opportunity to buy, exchange and withdraw crypto coins;
    • The Service of Exchange inside your Wallet for exchanging crypto coins to fiat and back;
    • Integration of E-Wallet into Elegro Gateway so that our merchants and their clients can use it.
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  • Gateways

    * Miners get trillion euro in cryptocurrencies as a reward every year.
    Open such a big market to your merchants.
    • Opportunity to accept cryptocurrencies for your merchants;
    • No volatility, no exchange fees;
    • Blockchain-acquiring services;
    • European bank accounts, EU IBANs for instant and simple payments;
    • Branded wallet (Web and mobile versions).
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  • Elegro Affiliate Program

    Under Elegro Affiliate Program you have a superb opportunity to earn extra profit. You will be paid with bonuses for each client you’ve brought to us.

    • Personal approach to bonus calculation;
    • One-time remunerations;
    • Constant interest payments.
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Become an Elegro partner and take advantage of numerous opportunities for your business development offered by our unique payment ecosystem.

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