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Want to buy bitcoin? Great!

If you live in Europe, we got you covered.

The USA is also welcome!

Thanks to our banking partners, we offer ACH.

Click on Exchange below.


Are you a crypto business in need of a friendly bank account?

Open an account in minutes.

Are you a website that wants to start accepting crypto?

  • Get paid out in your local currency.
  • Zero volatility guarantee.
  • We take care of everything for you.

Are you a retail store owner?

  • Try our new Android PoS.
  • No more waiting for your funds!
  • Get paid for what you sell instantly.

Are you a crypto broker?

We understand the business.

Get a White Label Wallet on Android/IOS in just weeks.


Do you need to sell your crypto and get Money?

You came to the easiest and safest place.

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